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Complete order integration with Chewy

  • Eliminate manual entry for all Chewy drop ship or warehouse orders
  • Automate order workflows
  • Consolidate sales channels 
  • Reduce extra fees
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Chewy EDI Compliance

Manual order management is time consuming and expensive, it’s time for a change. 

If you’re looking to reduce costs and become more efficient in your order processing with Chewy, OrderEase’s two-way integrated connection will make the difference. 

Whether you’re looking to work with Chewy Warehouse through SPS Commerce, or drop ship via DSCO, we’re here to simplify how you sell so your team can focus on growing your business.


OrderEase integration process with Chewy

OrderEase connects to Chewy both through EDI for warehouse orders and via an API connection for drop ship orders. This connection to Chewy via OrderEase provides the ability to automate order workflows with your ERP or accounting software, logistics software, and even inventory software when each business system is integrated with OrderEase.  

Not only are we fully EDI compliant with Chewy, we make each process easier, and add value on every document we touch. With a fully integrated solution, manual order management is reduced or eliminated saving time, errors, redundant work, and money.

Specifications tested and certified with Chewy include the following.  Where possible, automations and workflows can be enabled via OrderEase to communicate between integrated systems for each of the trading requirements for Chewy:

850 Purchase Order

OrderEase receives the purchase order from Chewy, then translates it directly to your integrated ERP or accounting system, as well as your integrated logistics and/or inventory system

855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement

By configuring your workflows, OrderEase can send an 855 back to Chewy indicating whether you’ve fully accepted an order or rejected it.

856 Advance Shipping Notice

Whether generated from your integrated ERP or logistics provider, all shipping data is automatically transferred into your ASN document, seamlessly letting Chewy know when to expect delivery.

810 Invoice

With workflows enabled, you are able to have the option to automate sending invoices to Chewy once an order status has been changed to shipped. The invoice data will be pulled directly from your ERP, translated into the 810 EDI format and automatically transferred to Chewy.

997 Functional Acknowledgement

During the EDI transmission process, functional acknowledgements are required by Chewy. This communication, automatically generated from OrderEase, lets them know we’ve received their transmissions. 

846 Inventory Feed

OrderEase provides the ability to send a direct inventory feed to Chewy which pulls directly from your integrated ERP or inventory management system. If your ERP doesn’t support inventory, you can also manage your inventory directly within the OrderEase web portal.

OrderEase supports all document standards such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, XML, and connection types such as VAN, AS2, FTP (flat file), and API.


How OrderEase EDI integration makes Chewy orders easier to manage and fulfill


We replace your siloed dashboards with a central standalone or integrated hub to manage transactions across your sales channels, creating full EDI compliance. 



Make sure that contract standards are being met by setting triggers within OrderEase to automatically send updates and move your business along based on status changes in your processes, such as “shipped” or “invoiced”. 


Manage your workflows leveraging OrderEase. Eliminate swivel chairing and reduce manual work for your team. Integrate OrderEase with your accounting, shipping and logistics platforms for automated order management.


Your outsourced warehouse can be integrated to receive your order data and communicate their shipment data to and from OrderEase. This cuts down on miscommunications and makes sure your team is always in the loop.


OrderEase will be there with you every step of the way

EDI can be difficult to set up and manage on your own. We act as a managed service provider to help you get a clean, effective connection between your internal systems and your Chewy ordering processes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Number 1  Let us know when you are ready to establish an integrated connection with your trading partners.

Number 2 icon  Once your OrderEase account is prepared, your project manager will guide you on the process for OrderEase to integrate with either SPS Commerce, or DSCO.

Number 3 icon  OrderEase will perform testing and certification as necessary.. Once everything is complete, Chewy’s service provider for warehouse orders will indicate a “go live” date for your integrated connection.  Chewy drop ship orders via DSCO are activated as soon as testing is completed.

Once your connection is live, you’ll be able to fully manage your transactions with Chewy through your ERP, accounting system, or through the OrderEase online portal.


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With digital ordering and automation in place, TDI Brands will be steps ahead of the competition by leveraging the OrderEase solution.

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We are a single order management solution to aggregate and automate your sales channels

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