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Century Drill & Tool

Century Drill & Tool Corporation Uses OrderEase to Help Their Customers Purchase More

The Story

For over 80 years, The Century Drill & Tool Corporation name has stood for quality in their industry.


They have purposely stayed out of Big Box hardware stores because they refused to drop their price or their quality to compete with the other products on the shelves. 


Century Drill & Tool knows that their target audience is made up of independent companies in the hardware, farm, and automotive sectors. These companies put a high value on workmanship and reliability.


“We take pride in our quality and our customers expect a higher quality of product,” said Kurt Tachick, Director of Sales and Marketing for Century Drill & Tool.




Founded in

Unique Products 


  • “We want to make technology inroads. My focus right now is trying to make it easier for our customers to get our product” - Kurt Tachick


The Challenge

Kurt Tachick has been with Century Drill & Tool for over 20 years. He has seen the company grow and expand greatly over the years. However, he also saw that his clients were still ordering the same way they would have 20 years ago, via phone or even fax.


“A lot of our customers are very small hardware stores or farm stores. They don't necessarily have the ability to have an electronic POS system. And in a lot of cases, they were calling in orders or faxing orders.”


Tachick knew that the right tool would reduce friction in the ordering process and enable his clients to order more. He also knew it could help them expose more of their offerings to their existing clients, and encourage his customers to try new things via dropship.


The Solution

Tachick searched for the right solution for over 2 years, trying numerous other tools. He said that other tools were close to meeting their needs, but something crucial was missing every time.


He also noticed a lack of willingness from these other providers to customize their solution to meet his company’s specific needs. At one point, Century Drill & Tool even considered building their own proprietary program.


After 2 years of searching, Tachick discovered OrderEase unexpectedly one Friday afternoon, even though he was convinced he had tried everything. 


However, after trying out OrderEase’s demo application, he knew this was what they had been searching for.


“I logged into it and within 20 minutes I had my product loaded on there. I had my app doing a test scan and I said, ‘This is exactly what I want. I want something this simplistic,’” said Tachick.


“It was exactly what we envisioned.”


The Present

Today, Century Drill & Tool Corporation has integrated the OrderEase platform to help their customers become more self-sufficient in the ordering process.


They are moving away from the old and inefficient paper and fax-based ordering systems to increase their profitability and efficiency. They also have gained more control over shipping and ordering, which has reduced customizations and delays with their orders.


He’s added it’s also been incredibly refreshing to see how willing OrderEase has been to listen and integrate their feedback.


“You get the feeling that you're important. They listen to the issues or questions you’re having and they come up with solutions!”