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2018 Home Decor Trends (And How Wholesalers Can Capitalize on Them)

Posted on March 23, 2018 by Cassandra Smallman

2018 Home Decor Trends (And How Wholesalers Can Capitalize on Them)


Wholesale home decor revolves around keeping up with the latest consumer trends and providing your retailers with the best products possible. By nature, trends can change quickly and often, so this can be a challenging and exhausting task. Product design and manufacturing is done so far in advance which means as a wholesaler you have to make the trends work for your products. Being aware of and anticipating trends so you can promote your products to work with them helps to set you and retailers up for success.

2018  Outdoor Decor Trends to Promote

The goal for any business, no matter where they sit in the supply chain, is to sell products consumers want to purchase. Sites like Pinterest and Houzz have helped to accelerate consumers purchasing and trend turnover. The decor industry both benefits and is challenged by the rapidly changing trends, which can work in a wholesaler’s favor when marketing to their retailers. Providing retailers with the must-have products of the season creates value and helps to establish strong, lasting partnerships in the future. Marketing your product line to fit within consumer’s trends will better serve your retailers and, naturally, your bottom line.

Top Trends to Pay Attention to:  

Upcycling - Eco-friendly products are very popular. This can include the use of unusual items as planters, for example, an old kitchen pot or a teapot as a planter. This trend is particularly useful for promoting the more eccentric products in your 2018 line and, with a little creativity, possibly even clearing remaining inventory from previous years.

Upcycled- home decor

Purple Jewel Tones - Every season there is a color that reigns over all others. This year purple is in, so make sure to promote all those products with purple pairings. Purple is also associated with wealth, royalty, and extravagance, so consider your other inventory items that suggests these themes as possible accessories.

2018 home decor trends - purple Jewel tons

Geometric Shapes - Whether it's a pattern on a cushion or it's the shape of terrariums, geometric shapes are another trends for 2018. Browse your product line for items that are multi-faceted or contain linear patterns as these may be the items retailers are looking to provide to their customers. 

terrarium wholesale decor

Brass Metals - Brass has made its comeback in a large way, and it can make its way into the garden this year. Consider what inventory you can provide that is made with this uniquely warm metallic finish.

Brass trends for home decor

Showcasing Your Products

Keeping up with consumer trends would never be possible if your only means of product promotion were your printed seasonal catalogues. By presenting your inventory on OrderEase’s online catalog, you can quickly respond to and take advantage of consumer trends. OrderEase makes it easy to introduce new products, highlight them in your featured category and then send out an update to your customers to announce the new items. Unlike ever before, OrderEase allows you to react, respond, and capitalize on consumer trends, whatever they may be.



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