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New Releases & Features

[Feature Release] July 2020 OrderEase Release Update

We've been busy in July adding new features and capabilities to OrderEase. We are always evolving to remain the best option for wholesale buying & selling.


There has been a lot of exciting development work at OrderEase over the past few months. This release contains some powerful features that you don’t want to miss.

Since the OrderEase solution has both a Wholesale and Retail interface, each release item is prefaced with a mention of which interface the feature is relevant for.


[Wholesale] - Sales Rep ONE Login

This continues with our core advantage “ONE Account. ONE Login. ALL Access!” If you are a retailer user managing purchases for multiple stores, you have been enjoying this feature for a few months now. We have extended this concept from providing this style of access for retailers now to sales reps.

We understand that sales reps can work independently with multiple brands or work as part of a rep agency. We hear the frustrations they face needing to use different emails, different platforms, trying to remember all of the different logins and just trying to keep catalogs and orders straight.

Now with ONE OrderEase account, a sales rep can log into their portal and toggle between the different brands they represent. Easy!

Century Drill & Tool Case Study

[Wholesale] - Sales Rep Order Review / Approval Rule Option

Having retail customers independently placing orders digitally through the OrderEase system is truly a time saver and allows sales reps to focus on relationships and sales initiatives.

As part of sales initiatives, it is beneficial to review customer orders prior to being submitted to the order desk. Order review and approval functionality allows for modifications, upsells, better insights and improved customer experience through sales rep engagement. This is why we have provided the ability to set a “rule” for customer orders to be reviewed and approved by a sales rep prior to final submission to the order desk.

If the rule is configured, a sales rep will receive a notification that an order is ready for approval. To ensure the reliable flow of orders, we never hold an order past the last submission date required to ensure lead time on the requested delivery date. If a rule is not configured, customer orders will be sent directly to the order desk and the sales rep will receive notification an order has been placed.


[Retail] - Create Multiple Internal Users With Supplier Access Restrictions

Operating with multiple departments with different purchasing responsibilities? Not a problem!

Not only can you have multiple users in one account, you can also assign specific users to specific suppliers allowing you to limit which catalogs or suppliers each user can access and order from.

This allows you to have better control over purchasing within your company. Admin users can see all activity across all suppliers including all orders and historical orders. Users with limitations set can only see the suppliers they are assigned to as well as their orders and order history.

Scotts Canada Case Study

[Wholesale & Retail] - Out of Stock Clarity

Nobody wants to be out of stock, but when you are, we now make it easier for customers and sales reps to see with an out of stock graphic vs just an inventory level as “0”. This user experience upgrade provides more visibility and less frustration to your users.


[Wholesale & Retail] - Extended Quantity

Not everything is sold in packages of 1. To save accidentally ordering more than you thought, we have added the total extended quantity on the product details page when ordering.

For example: If you order a quantity of 2 for an item but each item comes in a pack of 12, your total order quantity would be 24.


Did You Know?

Aside from the great releases we have announced for July, there are also some powerful features hidden inside OrderEase worth taking advantage of.


[Wholesale] - Bulk Editor for Products

We save you and your customers a lot of time in the ordering process by hosting your digital catalogs within the OrderEase system, but sometimes product updates and changes are needed. A few products to change, not much of a problem, but when there is the same little change to apply across hundreds or thousands of products, can you say data entry nightmare?!

There’s a bulk editor for that! Within the Product Page you can select the “Bulk Editor” button then start making mass changes in fields of your choice in a few simple clicks. Major time saver!

OrderEase Wholesale - Bulk Editor


[Wholesale] - Product Filtering Capabilities

It’s like operating a spreadsheet within OrderEase. Within the product page, quickly apply filters to drill down to what you want to see. This is part of what makes OrderEase so easy to use. Apply a single column filter or apply filters on multiple columns to refine your query. Filter by category, catalog (if you have multiple catalogs), sales channels, and status.

OrderEase Wholesale - Product Sort


[Retail] - Product Linking to Shopify and WooCommerce

Forget about ordering products for your retail store then manually entering the product information, pricing, inventory etc into your eCommerce platform. In just a couple of clicks, all product information including images, inventory, and descriptions can be pushed directly into a Shopify or WooCommerce store from your wholesaler catalog.

Once the products are pushed into your store, you can set your pricing by value or percentage, set fulfilment method, customize descriptions for SEO, and much more, you have control. Thousands of products, instant updates. Now, that’s powerful!

OrderEase Retail - Sales Channel Selection


[Wholesale & Retail] - The OrderEase Platform is Bilingual

Both English and French are supported! Within the platform, both English and French versions of your catalogs can be hosted. Our system identifies whether the customer is English speaking or French speaking and provides catalog information as well as notifications and marketing emails to them in their language of preference.


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