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[Feature Release] OrderEase B2B Order Management Technology - Q1 2022

The best B2B order management software doesn't exist if there isn't continuous improvement. Our first quarter of 2022 has already includes many advancements with added functionality and features to create a more robust end to end supply chain solution.

2022 got off to a great start for OrderEase with significant technology improvements and new features.  As an existing user, you may have noticed a few changes in your OrderEase account already such as the ability to create multi-variant product groupings, enhanced shipping window settings, customizable payment terms settings, integration details with order origin, and more! 

We put together a complete summary of new feature releases in Q1. Check them out and contact OrderEase if you would like more insights or training on how to leverage these enhanced features.  

Key B2B Order Management Solution Feature Releases:

Core Software


Trade Show Platform    


ORDER MANAGEMENT Core Technology Enhancements

New Functionality

Multi-Variant Product Matrix

Shipping Window Rules and Customization

Customizable Payment Terms

Unsubmit Order / Return Order to Sender

Set Shipping Unit Minimums


Multi-Variant Product Matrix

USER: Seller

“What is a multi-variant product matrix” you may ask? A multi-variant product matrix ordering table provides the ability to sell a product that has slight variations between them (e.g. A T-shirt in different sizes and colors) in a quick bulk ordering format. 

We have developed the matrix to help suppliers consolidate these product variations in a manageable set of modals within the platform. This makes it easier for your buyers to find what they are looking for by reducing clutter in your catalog.

There are tons of great use cases for this feature and we’ve had many suppliers asking for such a capability, which makes this release so exciting! 

1 - family of products visual showing different sizes and colours of shirts


Shipping Window Rules and Customization

USER: Seller

The customer’s demand for faster product delivery is increasing by the day, so is the suppliers’ need to offer customizable shipping options to improve customer satisfaction, transportation efficiency, and improve warehouse logistics. With the new Shipping Window rules and customization feature in OrderEase, multiple options can be configured to meet your unique requirements.

With OrderEase Shipping Window, suppliers can quickly and easily:

  1. Set up cut off day and time, enforced or with a warning notification
  2. Assign a ship window from within OrderEase pricing groups and catalogs
  3. Select specific allowable ship dates, a last possible ship date, and repeatable dates.

Shipping windows are specific to the hour -  incorporating the use of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and also adjusting for the time zones of customers as set up per their account profiles.  

2 - shipping window feature within a catalog and a customer group setting

Customizable Payment Terms

USER: Seller

Prior to this release, payment term settings were available at the catalog level vs at the customer company level.  We have moved this to be a company setting so you can set payment terms for each of your customers.  

We realize every business operates in their own unique ways, which is why we have not limited you to just the option of choosing pre-set terms.  We have created the flexibility to add and customize payment options, including: % discount (if paid in full prior to a date); or # of days to pay.  

If you have several options for terms you want to extend to a customer, depending on pricing group or a promotion, terms can be given sort orders for easier implementation as your customer base grows.

3 - Where to locate and update the settings for Payment Terms in a company

NOTES:  When orders are printed, the Payment term will only be displayed if a value has been set - otherwise no terms will be displayed. 

Payment terms information can also be exported from your Customer List for easy visibility and management of your records.

4- where payment terms appear on printed pdf orders


Unsubmit Order / Return Order to Sender

USER: Seller

Purchase order line item changes have increased 60% according to the latest stats. Editing orders after they have been submitted, while necessary, can become both inconvenient and costly. OrderEase better manages this situation, making it less stressful and easier to execute. 

When a buyer needs to change their order, they can now contact the supplier who can re-open the submitted order by changing the status to “Saved”. The Buyers view will then show the order as “Open”, where they can make the necessary modifications, then resubmit.

5 - where the order is initially showing as submitted by the buyer on the supplier side

6 - Showing where a supplier can change an order status to Saved

7 - showing where the Saved order status appears for buyers in their list of orders

Set Shipping Unit Minimums

USER: Seller

In today’s economic and environmental climate, it’s essential to optimize shipping. Many factors are analyzed by a supplier when determining the most efficient shipment breakpoints for a product, including package class, weights, densities, etc. 

Within OrderEase, suppliers can now incorporate breakpoints within the Catalog by setting a minimum or multiple Shipping Unit Breakpoint. Setting this value at the catalog level allows the supplier the versatility to change breakpoints based on expected sales volumes by catalog.

Examples of possible values that can be entered: 5-8 or 10-12, 20-24 or 12+ or 10,11,24

8 - Shipping unit breakpoints to enforce different minimums, field in catalog properties


UI / UX Enhancements

Customizing Sort Order of Categories in Catalogs

→“Load All” and “Load More” catalog category product buttons 

Price Precision available within Company Settings

Feature Levels: "Clearance" and "Limited Quantity"

Improved Bulk Editing for Products


Customizing Sort Order of Categories in Catalogs

USER: Seller

OrderEase catalogs have the versatility to add an unlimited number of categories for product organization. Recent updates to the Category Editor allows a supplier to not only see a list of categories created, but also allows the user to edit the category name and description, PLUS assign a “sort order value” to manage the order categories appear in your catalog if alphabetical order is not preferred.   

Important: If NO sort order is set, the default sort is alpha based on category name.

10 - category sort order functionality displayed by clicking edit within the OrderEase categories



“Load All” and “Load More” Catalog Product Buttons

USERS: Seller & Buyer

Suppliers, buyers and sales reps can conduct product searches faster within OrderEase catalogs with our new product ‘Load All’ buttons.

Load More: Loads products to refill one page. Click and repeat to load the next page section.

Load All: Loads all the products in the category, eliminating the need to constantly re-click. 

9 - load more and load all functionality in list and tile view within a catalog


Price Precision available within Company Settings

USER: Seller

Enhanced pricing precision is now available in OrderEase! 

Settings can determine the fixed number of decimal places to which a calculated price is rounded. Suppliers can customize the number of decimal places according to their specific needs. 


Default unit price precision is six decimal places (example: $0.123456)

Default total price precision is two decimal places (example: $0.12)

(Unit price precision should always be greater than or equal to total price precision.) 

11- within inventory settings, able to determine the number of decimals to show for total price precision


New Feature Levels Tags: “Clearance” and “Limited Quantity”

USER: Seller

Some buyers prefer to purchase items marked as “clearance” or “limited quantity”.  Using these new product feature levels, suppliers are able to assign products for their buyers to discover with easily viewed corner swoops (for product tile display) or an icon (for product listing display).

12 - new feature levels within the catalog, front facing summary view


Improved Bulk Editing for Products

USER: Seller

To update product information quickly and easily, suppliers can now edit various product attributes using the Product Bulk Editor. These attributes are all possible to be copied down for even faster updates. 

Attributes include:

attributes with image 13 for bulk editing a product

13 - Copy down bulk editor functionality, update multiple fields for your products at once



INTEGRATIONS Technology Enhancements

QuickBooks Integration 

Sage50 Integration

Supplier Visibility to troubleshoot integrated data and order status


QuickBooks Integration

USER: Seller

This out-of-the-box, quick configuration integration maintains QuickBooks functionality, but sets suppliers up to do business more efficiently, digitally and in WAY more channels than ever before.  All with minimal effort and minimal ongoing maintenance to sell in multiple channels.  

OrderEase enhances Quickbooks functionality in business areas such as inventory, EDI capabilities, multiple price points, customer groups, customer ordering portal and sales rep access.  

Read our blog Enhance Quickbooks for Digital B2B Ordering and Inventory Management to find out more.


Sage50 Integration

USER: Seller

This out-of-the-box configurable integration maintains Sage50 functionality with the added benefit of providing your B2B customers and sales reps an ordering portal to self manage.

The OrderEase Sage50 integration allows you to bring in price levels, product data, customer data and automatically assigns your customers to their groups during the integration. Using a Sage authorization link, OrderEase and Sage connect and push all of your details seamlessly. No need to maintain multiple systems, all updates can be performed in Sage and OrderEase will manage the client orders.

14 - OrderEase Data Flow Chart-1


Supplier visibility to troubleshoot integrated data and order status

USER: Seller

As you saw with our Quickbooks and Sage integration update above, OrderEase allows Suppliers to integrate with multiple softwares to offer seamless B2B network solutions. By creating connections and synchronizing data across wholesale and retail systems, visibility into the supply chain grows between buyers and sellers.


OrderEase has developed a series of database and UI enhancements to provide supplier users with more visibility to troubleshoot data flow and order status. Using timestamps and data source creation identification, suppliers will be able to see where and when orders were created, and when data or orders were last updated.

Note: These enhancements are currently available to QuickBooks and Sage integrations. We are continuously growing the list and will continue to release more quick-access integrations.


TRADE SHOW Technology Enhancements

Catalog Barcode Order Forms (with or without pricing)

Bulk Editor Dashboard: One place to view & update all booths, catalogs and price levels

Create "New Product" Feature Tags

Customizable Button for Catalog Access


Catalog Order Form Barcode Printouts (with or without pricing)

USER: Seller

While OrderEase is all about digital ordering, there are circumstances where having a printed price list is more convenient for your customer(s). 

Now, in core OrderEase AND trade show platforms, any supplier catalog can be downloaded by a Sales Representative as a barcode order spreadsheet. The product barcodes can be scanned by our handy mobile App to build an order for your customers!


15 - Download the barcode sheet within core OrderEase and the tradeshow


You can choose if you want to download the form with or without pricing. Whether you print or email the file, sharing the most up to date information available has never been easier.

> The With Pricing download includes the base price of the products based on the customer profile you have accessed the catalog with. This is especially handy if you have price differences between customer groups! In addition, you get a blank column for quantities to be written in.

> The Without Pricing download is a simplified version with the image, product sku, name and barcode.

16 - barcode download showing with and without pricing


Bulk Editor Dashboard: One place to view & update all booths, catalogs and price levels

USER: Show Operators

One of the biggest challenges for a trade show Operator, whether it is a virtual or in-person buying show, is ensuring vendor information, catalogs and pricing are all up-to-date and accurate. 

We know there are many moving parts to managing a trade show, so we make it our goal to continuously evolve our platform to make the Operators life easier…at least the technology part! 

Our new Bulk Editor Dashboard assists Operators in updating multiple items at once in a single screen. This capability makes it easier to adapt to the quantity of vendors and their catalogs, accommodate last minute changes, and handle various deal types and customer groups. 


17 - new bulk editor functionality within the tradeshow platform, for booths, price lists, and catalogs


The below items are components that previously, only the OrderEase team could update on behalf of Operators and their vendors. Now, with increased visibility and new access, the control can be in the Operators hands!

bulk tradeshow editing new feature list of capabilities


Create a "New Feature" tag improves product search and discovery

USER: Seller [Also available in Everyday OrderEase]

The OrderEase trade show platform can hold thousands of products, across hundreds of vendor catalogs. Attendees can search for products through keywords (product name, type, descriptions, etc), product codes, UPCs, and more. Products can also be searched through ‘feature tags’.

OrderEase understands that suppliers know how to best communicate their product’s attributes to their customers. Previously, the Feature Tag capability in the platform allowed for this flexibility to communicate suppliers’ products to attendees. Now, vendors can create and apply their own feature tags (e.g. Color)  with a value (e.g. Color: Purple) to allow attendees to search by ‘Purple’. 

Note: This feature is applied to shows where Operators enable Product Catalog Build by vendors in the Self Onboarding Platform. 

18 - new feature tag button and modal that appears to create the new feature tag


Customizable Button for Catalog Access

USERS: Show Operators & Seller

The versatility of the OrderEase trade show platform is what attracts mid-market or enterprise-level buying groups, distributors, retailers and trade associations. Show operators can use the platform as a buying or booking show with order placement capabilities - or as a non-ordering vendor showcase like the  2022 Global Garden Retail Conference (GGRC).  

To help reinforce the difference between an ordering and non-ordering show for attendees, digital catalog access buttons labels have been modified.  Show operators can now either use the default “Place Order Here” or customize this button label to suit their specific needs (example: Access Catalog).  

19 - New capability to change the button text for linking into a catalog in the trade show


Do you have feedback or ideas?

Our team is always moving forward, fast and furiously, listening to feedback from our users so we can continue to provide leading-edge technology. Feel free to share your positive experiences with a video or written testimonial, or  forward any improvement suggestions so we can continue to deliver the ultimate user experience.  

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