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[Feature Release] OrderEase B2B Order Management Technology March Edition

We just keep on improving. The March update is here, and it promises a new integration and some fantastic quality of life changes for you. Check it out below!

Another month, another set of updates. We’ve got some core functionality improvements that should make browsing OrderEase a lot faster. We also have a new integration with BBQGuys.com which can help you expand your reach if you have grilling or cooking related products. 

There are a whole slew of fun new tools for you to play with, and integration enhancements below. Read on to learn more. 

Key B2B order management solution feature releases:

New integrations

Core functionality improvements

→ Integration improvements

It’s a new month, and you know what that means — a bevy of fresh features for you to enjoy. We have some exciting new stuff this month so hold on to your hats as we run down the list of the nifty new stuff you can do.

New integrations

New integration  BBQGuys.com 

BBQGuys.com is an online marketing place for dropshippers to sell directly to their vast network of consumers. By becoming a BBQGuys supplier, your products will be found on their online superstore, and visible through their partnerships and affiliates on hundreds of other sites to maximize visibility.

The current scope of of our integration with BBQGuys will allow you to: 

  1. Connect via API to BBQGuys.com
  2. Sync your inventory with BBQGuys.com
  3. Receive orders
  4. Post acknowledgements of your received orders
  5. Post shipment data to BBQGuys.com


Core OrderEase functionality improvements

Better listing of provinces and states

Just to make things a little easier on you, we’ve made the listing for provinces and states alphabetized for each country. This should make searching for the location you want far more convenient.


Shipment weight has been added

For some EDI information, we realized that shipment weight and units of measure need to be added. To make sure this works for you, we’ve added two new fields to our shipment imports. These are:

Weight — The total weight of the complete shipment with all items.

Weight Unit — The unit of measurement used for this shipment (lbs, oz, mg, g, kg, st)

OrderEase integration improvements

We’ve made improvements to a slew of our integrations. Scroll down to find what’s changed for you!

Odoo integration enhancements

We’ve created a configuration setting for Odoo that allows a user to map an OrderEase PO number to a custom field in Odoo. 

We’ve created a configuration setting for Odoo that allows a user to map an OrderEase PO number to a custom field in Odoo. 


ShipStation integration enhancements

To make customizing your unique workflows for each of your customers easier, we’ve created new integrations settings which give you the ability to send different orders to different statuses in ShipStation. To do this, we’ve create two new integration settings:

1. Default Order Status
2. Specific Customer Order Status

Shopify integration expansion

OrderEase now creates and maps discounts and shipping data from Shopify directly into our internal line items. This means that any time a discount or shipping cost is applied in Shopify, we will automatically bring it into our system.

To expand on our Shopify capabilities, we now allow customers to send tracking information from their shipping carriers directly to Shopify and automatically mark an order as fulfilled. 

Wayfair integration enhancement — partial cancellations

We now allow for partial cancellations in Wayfair. Your customers can now rectify mistakes in quantity ordered, or rescind part of an order instead of having to cancel the whole thing and start fresh.

OrderEase now updates the quantity requested, sends your team an email updating you on the cancellation and creates a line item note on the partial cancellation in your order.

Wayfair integration enhancement — partial cancellations

We’ve developed a new QuickBooks Online setting that allows users to toggle invoice generation either on or off. The default is set to on, but the choice is now there for all OrderEase customers.

We have also added the option to our QuickBooks Online integration which will toggle an email from OrderEase every time a new customer or product is connected from OrderEase into QuickBooks.

That's all we have for now, stay tuned for next month's change logs. As always, if you have any questions about any of these changes, please reach out to your OrderEase representative! 

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