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Quick Guide For Suppliers - Email Marketing Builder

Learn how to create beautiful B2B marketing email that drives sales with your LinkGreen supplier's account. Watch our comprehensive webinar video and start creating your marketing emails.


OrderEase’s Email Marketing Builder has been developed to make creating B2B specific emails easy. All emails are created using sections. These sections can be customized with your content and link directly to your online ordering to help drive sales.

Learn how to create beautiful B2B marketing emails that drives sales with your OrderEase supplier's account. The above webinar walks you through how to create your first email with OrderEase Email Marketing Builder. Here is some more information about where to access the elements mentioned in the video.

Promotional Tools

OrderEase automatically creates supplier branded URLs which can be used for a suppliers website and other marketing purposes.  All branded URLs are located on the “Promotional Tools’ page under the marketing heading. You can copy and paste these links on that page directly into your marketing email, giving your customers quick access to your branded login as well as your online catalog.

Managing Your Media Library

To insert marketing images within your email, you must first upload those images to your media library. Your media library is a convenient media asset management tool which allows you to manage all product, images, and other media assets in one place.

To upload an image select media library under the settings tab in your account. From there you can drag and drop your images. The uploaded images will automatically be accessible to you as you build marketing emails.

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Groups of Communication Settings

OrderEase allows you to send emails to specific buying groups, ensuring that they receive a more personalized experience.  To set up a buying group as a recipient group in the email builder you need to first go to “Groups” under the “Customers” heading. Then you can select the buying group you would like to add and select “View/Edit”. On the right-hand side, you with see a “type” drop-down menu. Check the communications box on the drop-down menu and then save.  When navigating back to email builder that buying group will appear in your recipient's section.

If you have any questions or if you like to book a training session, please contact support@OrderEase.com.


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