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[Feature Releases] September 2020 OrderEase Release Update

OrderEase recently launched our virtual buying show this month! We offer a true buying show experience with video, conferences, and the essential part - buying.

September marked a big month for OrderEase with the launch of the Virtual Trade Show Platform.

The platform is ideal for distributors and buying groups who are looking for an alternative way to host their booking / buying shows which have traditionally been in-person events.

What makes the OrderEase virtual trade show platform even better is that it is built on our core wholesale order management system.

After executing our first shows in September, we adapted to feedback from the operators, exhibitors, and attendees to make the platform even better.

Along with our already fantastic virtual trade show features, we are excited to announce the release of the following updates for show operators, exhibitors and attendees:


1. ALL:  Improved login and access experience

The original release required cookies and local data storage which we discovered posed some issues with Mac and Apple users as well as users with enhanced security steps implemented by corporate.

We have improved the access experience by changing the protocol but still maintaining security.  Now users across all devices will have no issues accessing the virtual trade show platform.

Lost your password?  A password reset option is now available on the login page.


2. ALL:  Video chat enhancements

The video chat has been very successful and we have made it even better.  The ability for attendees to interact easily with exhibitors as well as each other without the need for installation of software has been a well received feature.  

To make the video chat better, we have improved the way the second party is notified by making it more apparent someone is trying to connect with them over video chat.  This will lead to less missed video chats.


3. ATTENDEE: Pre-show preview

As attendees are registered for a show, they are now able to log in before the show officially starts with the ability to view the booth map.  They will not be able to enter a booth, but they will be able to see logos of exhibitors, which helps create excitement around the show launch date.  The ability to access the show floor before opening day allows attendees to test their access credentials which helps make day 1 less hectic with issues related to logging in.


4. EXHIBITORS AND OPERATORS:  Visibility of booth map

As part of an improved user experience, exhibitors are now able to see the trade show floor map.  This provides better visibility to what the attendees see and experience.  Within the show floor, the exhibitor can access their own booth which helps them guide their visitors and provide support to their booth visitors if required.

Although exhibitors can see who all of the other exhibitors are within the trade show map, permissions are restricted preventing an exhibitor from entering another exhibitor’s booth.



5. EXHIBITORS:  Booth content editing

Exhibitors can now manage their own booth content!  Add PDF documents, logo, change descriptions and more.  We know last minute changes can happen so we have added the ability for exhibitors to have more control over their booth content.


6. EXHIBITORS:  Sales rep status and notifications

Sales reps will now be able to set their status within their booth.  There are 3 status levels, “available”, “offline available”, or “away”.  This provides an improved experience for attendees who are looking to connect with a representative.


What does “offline available” mean?  This feature integrates the trade show with a representative's mobile phone.  Any chat message and video chat request will be forwarded to the mobile device allowing reps to use the tradeshow app to interact with attendees even if they are not at their computer.


7. OPERATORS:  More navigation options

Operators have more visibility to the show vs just the admin dashboard.  Restrictions to booth visibility have been removed and we have added the ability to navigate back to the schedule and other pages external to the core show.

8. OPERATORS:  Mass messaging enhancements

Throughout the show, communication is important.  Announcing show specials, upcoming seminars, promotions and more, helps engage attendees.  We have enhanced the mass messaging system to have better visibility.  A notification sound is created when a message is posted and there is also a new notification indicator at the top of the trade show page.


We are very excited about these new releases and look forward to continuing feedback from all participants in our future shows.  Feedback from participants is what will continue evolving our platform into continuously improved experiences.

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