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LinkGreen Connect - Embedded Login & Website Integration

Posted on June 16, 2017 by Jonny Hill

Website integration provides your customers direct access to your catalog on the LinkGreen Connect Marketplace. Our development team has create an embedded login feature for you to utilize on your website. With this new feature, LinkGreen Connect will appear as your very own online ordering which offers a direct connection between your customers and your products.

This Video demonstrates all the functions available for you to utilize on your website.

Integrating your website will provide a direct connection to purchasing your products. This can also generate more revenue and repeat traffic to your website. Most importantly by providing online ordering directly from your website, you provide a positive customer experience saving you and your customers time.

We will provide you and your web developer all the resources necessary to get your website integrated today.


LinkGreen enables you to integrate your catalog and online ordering right into your website with an embedded login feature. Your buyers can login right on your site taking them directly to your catalog with their specific pricing on the LinkGreen connect marketplace. LinkGreen connect now appears as your very own online ordering while still providing all the power and functionality of the full LinkGreen Platform.


Your catalog without pricing can also be viewed without logging into the LinkGreen connect marketplace. This allows you to showcase your products to potential customers straight from your website. If you provide your customers with a printed catalogue in PDF format, The ActivCatalog is a great addition to your website. With the ActivCatalog™, your buyers see a clickable, virtual view of your existing print catalogue showcasing your products on you website and on the LinkGreen Connect marketplace.

Learn more about inventory integration 


Take advantage of this new embedded login feature and start showcasing your products today. Contact us and we will send you and your web developer the links and instruction required to get you integrated today.

Give us a call at 1-888-476-6527 or email us at support@linkgreen.ca

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