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Understanding OrderEase’s Supplier Standards in Customer Service

OrderEase's Customer Service Assessment has been designed to help suppliers work towards a higher level of service and covers a range of metrics that can directly shape and influence a customer’s experience.


At OrderEase, providing an exceptional customer experience is priority one. Afterall, if retailers find ordering online frustrating or inconvenient, why would they return? That’s why OrderEase has developed a  Customer Service Assessment. It has been designed to help suppliers work towards a higher level of service and covers a range of metrics that can directly shape and influence a customer’s experience. Each parameter directly impacts the customer's experiences and are measured on a 4 tier level of service gold being the high tier awarded to a supplier. These metrics highlight what a supplier is doing well and provide the information they need in order to move closer to reaching OrderEase’s Gold Supplier status.

Image Saturation - Do you have images for each of your products?

Product images build trust during the purchasing process. When customers can see what they are buying, it eliminates any confusion and reinforces their purchasing decisions. Every product listed on your online catalog should have a visual presentation of the product accompanied with the product description and price. OrderEase has surveyed hundreds of wholesale buyers on their ordering experience, and those who order from a catalog with more images reported they had had a better ordering experience.

Last Inventory Update - Is your availability regularly maintained?

Customers rely on access to update to date inventory when placing an order online. There is nothing worse for a customer than ordering product only to later find out that it’s out of stock it not only wastes the customer’s time but it can negatively impact their business. Keeping inventory levels as up-to-date as possible creates trust and loyalty as customers know your availability is reliable.

Website Links - Do you make it easy for customers to order?

Making your catalog available online is an effective sales tool to entice customers while providing greater value and convenience to your customers. Having multiple entry points for your customers to access your online catalog is a simple way to improve customer service. Links to your online ordering catalog should be obvious and intuitive. That means placing clear links where they can be seen as soon as your homepage loads and again where customers can learn about your products.

Incoming Request Approvals - How quickly do you respond?

If you’ve ever pulled up to a drive thru and waited to be acknowledged, you know how frustrating that can feel. If it’s a new restaurant or even just a new location, you can quickly form an opinion on that company before they even take your order. When a new customer requests access to their pricing it mean they are interested in purchasing product. The longer they have to wait for their pricing the less likely they are to place an order with your business. Online ordering is all about convenient self-service ordering, so by responding to any customer requests quickly you set the tone and expectations for the rest of your interactions.

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Successful Integrations - Do you keep your products up-to-date?

Integration eliminates manual administration which increases access to accurate product information for your customers and sales team. It ensures that everyone has access to the same up-to-date information, eliminating back orders and charge-backs and offering customers a better experience.

Training - Are your staff ready to serve?

Any tool is only as good as it gets used. In order to deliver exceptional customer service from your online ordering solution, your staff should be trained on how to leverage it. By training your staff on OrderEase, you ensure that your customers will receive the best possible service.

Number of Invites Sent - Have you told your customers about online ordering?

Inviting current and potential customers to view and order from your online catalog is an all-important first step in getting helping your customers embrace this technology. Letting your customers know that your products are available on OrderEase is easy and introduces them to the opportunity to place orders at their convenience.  

Email Broadcast Sent - Do you keep in touch with your customers?

Keeping your customers informed is just good practice from a sales and service point of view. If you have a special running for the end of a season, customers want to know about it. Keeping your customers up to date on your new products, specials and updated inventory is simple with OrderEase and helps you deliver better customer service by offering information about opportunities that could benefit their business. Emails that focus on adding value to the customer's experience go a long way in differentiating your company as an industry leader.

Every category listed above is an essential part of delivering an excellent customer experience.. We hope you’re excited about providing that level of service to your customers so as you work towards improving in these areas, we’re happy to help you along the way. Our supplier's success team is always available to help you every step of the way.

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