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Wholesale Online Ordering 101 - An Introduction for OrderEase Retailers

LinkGreen’s Wholesale online ordering service has been designed around the purchasing and order management requirements of retailer


 There are many features available to retailers through their OrderEase Connect account. To get you acquainted with online ordering let’s start with the ordering features every purchaser should try out. All of these features are demonstrated in the above video.

Customized Catalog views

Order your way. After speaking with retailers across North America, it has become increasingly clear that people have different needs when reviewing catalogs and building orders. That’s why OrderEase provides retailers with multiple Catalog View options to choose from.

interactive catalog for wholesale online ordering for retailers  

Interactive Catalog View

An online, clickable version of the familiar print catalog format  that allows purchasers to learn more about and easily order products.

 List Catalog for wholesale online ordering for retailers

List Catalog View

A complete list of all products in a simple form format for a quicker ordering process if you already know the products you need. Add your quantities in and you’re done!

 Tile catalog for for wholesale online ordering for retailers

Tile Catalog View

A familiar e-commerce layout that provides a better browsing experience, allowing you to explore, discover, and order new products.


Product Search

Fast and easy ordering. When you order on OrderEase, you can find what you're looking for in seconds. The robust product search feature empowers buyers to search for products by common name, latin name, description, SKU and even color, without having to flip through a catalog.

Filter Features

Order by Category. Customize your purchasing experience based on your inventory needs. View the products you want to see and cut out the rest of the filter features. Filter products by feature levels including favorite products and new products, or filter by product category so you can easily find the products you need.

These are just a few of the ways OrderEase makes ordering easier. As you continue to explore all your OrderEase account has to offer, make sure to stay tuned for more videos and blogs on other features you need to try out.


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