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Wayfair Integration for Order Management

  Orders pull from Wayfair to an integrated ERP

  Inventory integration sends updates every 15 minutes

  Shipping label retrieval

  ASN trigger

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Getting Up and Running is Quicker Than You Think!

With our pre-built API integration with Wayfair, getting data configured and communicating is fast.

Once your Wayfair connection is complete, your orders, shipping labels, ASN's and inventory will be automated with your ERP or accounting system. No more manual order entry, saving you time and resources!

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Integrate your ERP or accounting software with OrderEase

If you already have an existing integration with OrderEase, skip to Step 2.  If you need to establish an integration, let's get started! 

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Select Wayfair within the integrations page inside your OrderEase account

Go through a few quick steps to authorize the connection between your Wayfair account and OrderEase.

Wayfair Configuration Screen

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Choose which products you want to sell to Wayfair

Products will synchronize inventory to Wayfair on a 15 minute interval. 

Orders will be received real-time and pushed into your integrated ERP or accounting system.

  Automated order acknowledgments.

  Upon order confirmation, receive shipping labels for batch export.

Wafair Products

Built for wholesale order management

OrderEase is not limited to Wayfair automation, we provide connectivity to all sales channels via EDI, API, or sFTP and we offer a sales interface for your wholesale customers and sales reps.


Unlimited users allows you to grow your team without the added cost. 

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Manage your inventory within OrderEase by catalog or globally.


Build custom price lists per customer or groups of customers. 

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Promote products and specials directly from OrderEase to your customers.


Work with any trading partner via EDI.  OrderEase is your EDI connection team.


Easily manage and offer drop shipping to your wholesale buyers.


Sell direct to consumer using an integrated web store.

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Multi-integration environment connects sales and logistics into your ERP.

We are a single solution to aggregate and automate your wholesale orders

With OrderEase, you have the ability to connect to all of your sales channels which will streamline your order workflows.  Bi-directional integrations allow for automations to each stage of the order lifecycle from order to invoice.

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Save time.

Cut costs.

Boost revenue.

We help businesses like you solve problems without the big ticket expense of enterprise systems.

Book a discovery call to learn how we can help digitally enable and scale your business by integrating your ERP or accounting system with Wayfair.