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Make sure your order process stacks up to your business needs.

Wholesale order management and POS Integration for the Lumber & Building Materials industry.


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Reduce time spent managing orders and improve order accuracy.

Empower your staff to create and track special orders efficiently using LinkGreen Connect.

Place orders with confidence knowing that you have full visibility to supplier real-time pricing.

Thrill your customers by offering more. With LinkGreen Connect, you have full access to high-definition product catalogs showing every product from every one of your suppliers.

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Manage custom orders without the pain of paper and torment of training.

Whether you are ordering windows or sinks, custom orders are placed the same way with every supplier. Training new staff will become effortless.

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Protect your bottom line every time you order.

With real-time pricing present in LinkGreen, know your exact price every time you place an order for variable-priced commodity items.

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LinkGreen connects with the heart of your business.

With a full suite of APIs and multiple custom ERP integrations, all of LinkGreen's data can be viewed through your existing system.

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