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OrderEase Releases WooCommerce Plugin

Barrie, Ontario, July 24 2018, (www.OrderEase.com) OrderEase has released a WooCommerce plugin to further compliment...

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OrderEase Expands Wholesale Online Ordering Solution To Include Order Desk Feature

Barrie, Ontario, July 9 2018, (www.OrderEase.com) OrderEase has expanded their online ordering solution to include an...

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OrderEase Grows to Include Product Information Management (PIM) Capabilities

Barrie, Ontario, June 18, (www.orderease.com) OrderEase is proud to officially release its product information...

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OrderEase Commences Development of Shopify App Extension

Barrie, Ontario, June 4, (www.orderease.com) OrderEase has entered into an agreement with Shopify to commence the...

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OrderEase Expands Integration Solutions to Include Two-Way EDI Capabilities

Barrie, Ontario, May 14, (www.OrderEase.com) OrderEase has expanded their integration solutions to include two way EDI...

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OrderEase and RenoWare to provide seamless ‘quote to order’ solution for install sales in the lumber and building materials industry

Barrie, Ontario, April 4, OrderEase is pleased to announce that a letter of intent has been executed between OrderEase...

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OrderEase CEO Warren Patterson Receives Community Entrepreneurial Award from Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre

Barrie, Ontario April 3, 2018 - Warren Patterson, CEO of OrderEase (www.orderease.com) received  the Community...

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Westland Ltd. chooses OrderEase to offer B2B digital ordering to Lawn & Garden Retailers

Barrie, Ontario - March 27, 2018 -  OrderEase is pleased to announce a strategic customer with Westland Ltd., the...

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