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HJS has been in Josh Schriemer's family for 3 generations. His father acted as the company's President and his grandfather founded the company in 1981. When it was Josh's time to take the reins and lead the company, expanding the business' reach was one of his main initiatives. He wanted to take the company nationwide, and he needed a solution that could handle the 6000+ SKUs and other complexities of the business, including managing inventory across 50,000+ sq ft of storage space.

Results Overview

New Leads

Access To Prospective Customers

Gained access to a database of thousands of new prospective customers through OrderEase, with the tools to monitor and nurture these new leads.


Nearly Immediate ROI

By gaining awareness around the brand name and being presented to active buyers, HJS quickly saw a positive ROI within the first year of using OrderEase.


Real-Time Insights

To help them sell more and close deals faster the insights provided by OrderEase has helped them smartly target buyers that have actively been looking at their catalogs.



HJS was a trusted go-to horticulture supplier for a number of greenhouses, nurseries and landscapers. However, they had trouble growing their reach beyond existing territories. Brand awareness was an issue. At the same time, product awareness within their existing customer base was also lacking. They suspected even their most loyal customers were not aware of the scope of their entire product line.








HJS slowly and systematically introduced OrderEase into their operations and saw an immediate result.

  • HJS was able to be found organically by retailers searching for wholesalers to buy from.

  • Gained access to new leads that were viewing their catalogs but not placing an order. This allowed them insights into who they should be reaching out to.

  • Integrated a data-feed into their website, as well as fully integrated quoting and ordering systems.

The Journey

With over 6000 SKUs and location based pricing and discounts, HJS was looking for a robust solution that could provide the capabilities to handle the shear volume of products as well as give them a way to get in front of their target audience.

Today, HJS has no intention of slowing down. They have seen the potential that OrderEase has to help them grow even further, and they can’t wait to see what the future brings. "We highly recommend OrderEase to any manufacturer or wholesale order distributor."


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