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4 Ways To Improve Your Wholesale Marketing Emails

Email marketing is a crucial part of communicating with your wholesale customers. Whether you are promoting a new product or simply sending an order confirmation, email is an important tool to get the job done.

Email marketing is a crucial part of communicating with your wholesale customers. Whether you are promoting a new product or simply sending an order confirmation, email is an important tool to get the job done. Now there is a pretty big difference between an order confirmation and a clearance promotion email. An order confirmation is to inform the customer, and a promotional email is to entice the customer to place an order.

When you think about email marketing, you might consider it to be more of an annoyance to your customers than a way to provide them value. That perception is a common one and there is some validity to it given how many ways companies exploit email. So how can email actually strengthen your customer's experience rather than hinder it?

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Cutting Through The Noise

So how do you deliver an email to your customers that they will find useful and set you apart from all the other supplier email sitting in their inbox? Here are a few areas to review and maybe update for your next email campaign.

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Creating Personalized Experience

Good customer experience is all about making each customer feel looked after, so the more personal the better. It should be your mission to deliver content they want to read or benefit from knowing. Every email you send should be relevant and accessible to your customer. Anything else will reduce future open rates. This means that segmenting your customers based on their order history will ensure that you aren't promoting a product that irrelevant to that they stock in their store.

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Create Segment Customer Lists

No customer wants to be told about a special deal for a buying group they don’t belong to. That’s why it is crucial that emails sent to your customers are relevant to their businesses. OrderEase allows you to send emails to specific buying groups, ensuring that they receive a more personalized experience.

Using Personalized Tokens In The email

Most email clients allow you to insert personalized tokens so each of your customers receives a marketing email specifically addressed to them. A personalized token pulls contact or company specific content like a contact name to personalize each email.

Providing Easy Access To Product Info

Have you ever sent product lists without including customer pricing? Or have you sent a pricing list but forgot to attach an order form? How much extra work does your customer have to do just to see what featured products you have on offer? The easier you make it for customers to browse your featured products the more likely they are to order them.The good news is that there are simple steps to make it a whole lot easier.

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Offer Convenience Through Catalog And Product Links

What do you hope to achieve when you promote a new product or a new clearance catalog? The obvious goal is to sell products. Equally obvious is the logic that follows: The harder it is to make a purchase, the less likely people are to buy.

To make that process easy, OrderEase has just launched a new feature allowing the supplier to share product specific links within their own email marketing efforts. When you decide on a product you would like to promote, all you need to do is select the product from your online catalog. In the product details box, you can access the products specific link by clicking the “Share Button”. This link will provide your customers with access to view the product details without pricing if they aren’t signed in.

Utilizing Online Catalog Links

Targeted email marketing campaigns are all about making each of your customers feel like they are special. That means that you might send certain loyal customers specific deals or access to a clearance catalog. These insider deals are often difficult to do without just sending a PDF to those certain customers. OrderEase has created an easy way to share catalogs in a way that you have complete control over. On the “Promotions” page of a OrderEase account you can access specific catalog links that can be used in marketing emails. These online catalog links will provide your customers with access to the catalog without pricing until they sign into their wholesale account, allowing them to browse without any barriers.

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So now that you have a few more tricks up your sleeve, maybe it’s time to review your email marketing strategy. Our marketing specialists here at OrderEase are always available to help suppliers get the most out of promotion tools on OrderEase.

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