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A Complete Guide to the LinkGreen Supplier Dashboard

Posted on December 03, 2018 by Cassandra Smallman

Dashboard helps you monitor your business


Running a business is a complicated endeavour. When it comes to keeping your finger on the pulse of your company’s health, what metrics do you take into consideration? Obviously your monthly bottom line is a good indicator, but shouldn’t there be a way to assess your business’ performance on an ongoing basis… before month’s end? We think so too.

That’s why all OrderEase suppliers have access to a business activities dashboard through their OrderEase account. This supplier dashboard acts as the homepage when you log in to your OrderEase account and was created to provide a single place to review all online business activities at a glance. Recently, we made an addition to the supplier dashboard to provide an account administrator view which offers more in-depth insight into dollar amounts sold through your online ordering.

Understanding The Standard Supplier Dashboard

This dashboard allows you to review and explore your recent sales history, pending orders and potential leads who have been interacting with your catalog all in one place.

In order to set the parameters of your dashboard, you must use the date selection at the top left side of the dashboard. Simply select the date range you would like to review and watch the dashboard update to the new parameters.

Orders Tile

This metric is straightforward and provides you with the total number of orders placed online during the time period you define. Below the total number order, you can see a snapshot of which customers placed each order, along with the submission date and how many items were ordered.

Submitted Orders Tile

This metric offers you sales insight into the online order that was partially created but not yet submitted.This information can be valuable in further assisting your customers in their ordering process.It includes customer information, how the order was created, and how many items are in the saved order.

New Leads Tile

The new lead metric offers you insight into potential customers who have viewed your catalog but aren’t yet connected to you. The businesses that are listed in this title should be considered warm leads since they’ve displayed some interest in your product, which is great for your sales team.

Curious Customers Tile

This tile is similar to the  new lead tile except it shows which of your connected customers have been exploring your product catalog and profile. This list provides a great opportunity for a sales rep to reconnect with those interested customers.

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Open Emails Tile

This tile relates to any emails that have been sent out through OrderEase’s email communications system. It will display the number of emails that were opened and which customer opened the emails, making it a useful tool for measuring the success of marketing emails sent out to your customers.

Pending Relationships Tile

This final section gives you a quick list of all of the wholesale buyers who are requesting pricing from your company. This is the first step in allowing them to order your products online, so we’ve made it as easy as possible. Simply click on the name of the company and their information will pop up. This can be used to vet the customer prior to assigning pricing.

The supplier dashboard has been created to assist you in reviewing and managing your company’s OrderEase account.We hope you find them helpful as you continue to monitor your business activities and ensure it’s a success. Sign into your account today and check out your business’ supplier dashboard.