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How Online Ordering Keeps Your Customers Up To Date

Posted on April 12, 2018 by Cassandra Smallman

How Online Ordering Keeps Your Customers Up To Date

Online ordering is no longer just for business to consumer transactions, every year more business to business transactions are taking place online. OrderEase’s online ordering offers your wholesale customers convenient access to your product information, available inventory and catalog. Providing your customers with convenient access to the information they need to place orders helps to foster transparency and trust with your customers.

So now that your wholesale customers can order directly from you online, what happens when they hit the submit button. OrderEase’s automated communications are sent out to your staff and customers, keeping everyone in the loop throughout the entire fulfillment process.

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So what do they receive? This is a great question that we actually hear often. There are four common messages that get sent throughout the order fulfillment process and each of them are These automated email communications include your logo and your company contact information.

When you customer place an order on OrderEase will provide the following communications advantages:

Order Summary

Once your customer submits an online order on OrderEase they receive an order summary email showing the content of the order, but also with a link to view and manage that order online. This provides indicates to your customers that the order has been sent to your order desk for confirmation.


Order Confirmation

Once you have received your customers order, your order desk can continue to follow their internal confirmation process and then update the order status on OrderEase. When you confirm the order on OrderEase, your customer will be notified that you have received the order with a confirmation email.  

Order Content Changes

If there are any substitutions or overage/shortage on the order fulfillment, you can alter the order in OrderEase in the “Order” section. Once you’ve made the changes in OrderEase, a detailed email is sent that highlights those variations and allowing your customer to leave relevant notes or responses linked to the order.


Order Status

When you update the status of the order in  OrderEase to shipped,a shipping notification is sent to your customer. This contains a link that allows the customer to print the final shipping contents, ideal for use when the order arrives at their location to verify the contents delivered.

Ordering from your catalog on OrderEase empowers your wholesale customers to independently re-order products quickly using the previously ordered items within your online catalog. It also means they have access to all their historic orders for future years, for importing into their internal POS system, or simply to export historic information into Excel for their own purposes.   

Learn more about wholesale inventory integration and automatically provide your customers with up to date inventory. OrderEase offered multiple levels of inventory integration that works with your existing inventory management systems. By providing your customers with the option to order online you’re offering them complete transparency over their order fulfillment process and giving them peace of mind and reducing the number of time-consuming phone, email and fax orders. OrderEase keeps your customers informed so you can focus on providing with exceptional service.

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