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How Retail-Ready Packaging Helps Lawn & Garden Products Shine

What your products look like on customer shelves is essential, no matter what you are selling. Whether it’s a bag of soil or a bird feeder, packaging and displays are important for wholesalers. The investment in retail-ready packaging and displays will return year after yearsas your products shine on shelves.


What your products look like on customer shelves is essential, no matter what you are selling. Whether it’s a bag of soil or a bird feeder, packaging and displays are important. If your products aren’t appealing to consumers, it impacts your bottom line. Evaluating how your products present in a retail store and working to improve packaging or product display will set your wholesale customer up for success.

How Retail Ready Packaging and Display Can Improve Your Sales

Carefully considering how your products appear in store offers strategic benefits that can make your company more competitive and profitable within the industry. High-quality packaging can increase brand awareness and makes it easier for consumers to recognize, locate, and select your product. Having easily identifiable products supports brand loyalty as well when your products are sitting next to a competitor’s.

Your product should speak for themselves. Retailer have a lot to manage so creating innovative merchandising displays to promote your garden decor isn’t likely to happen. Providing a well-designed, retail-ready product helps to enhance the shopping experience for the consumer while easing the restocking process. Packaging that is easily identifiable to staff help keep your wholesale products stock and sold. Providing well-branded display options, signage and other merchandising add-on options help to set everyone up for success.

A Look at How Wholesalers are Leading in Retail-Ready Packaging

When designing retail-ready packaging, it is important to consider what it will look like on a shelf and how it will compare against competing products. Bright, eye-catching packages that are both practical and beautiful will increase sales and consumer brand awareness for your products. It should allow for easy transportation maintenance for retailers, while also being durable enough to stand up through regular wear and tear that store displays face daily. It is also important to consider the environmental impact of the packing material chosen.

Exceptional Retail-Ready Packaging

EarthApples is a great example of a wholesaler in the lawn and garden industry who has developed outstanding retail-ready packaging. The colors are bold, the brand is well-represented, and most importantly it is appealing to the consumer. The packaging is also practical for retailers to display and fill their shelves with.



Product Displays that Sell themselves

Offering your wholesale customers display options that showcase your products makes sense for everyone. Well branded displays remove space and merchandising barriers that retailers may face when considering your wholesale products. By selling displays that accompany specific products, you’re helping to create variety on the store floor while distinguishing your brand and product.

Pinebush Home and Garden is a master of product displays and signage in the lawn and garden industry. Their bird feeders look better on a stand-alone display then on packed on standard shelving, so they offer their retailers beautiful display options that help increase the sales at retail stores. These displays represent the Pinebush Home and Garden and make their products more recognizable to the consumer, expanding their product demands year over year.


The Good Green Earth Company turns bokashi organic composting into an eye catching product in any retail store. The product packaging informs customers about the product immediately while being  visually appealing. Simply put, they make compost look good. The Good Green Earth Company also offers great signage for retailers to use when merchandising their compost and compost systems. This company really pulls out all the stops by promoting their retail customers displays on social media. With a twitter handle of @Loveyourdirt ,The Good Green Earth Company is a leader in wholesale marketing.


How do your products look on shelves? Do they stand out prominently when compared to other products? Now is the time to review how your wholesale products look in your customers retail stores and evaluate how you can better market your product to increase sales and brand awareness. The investment in exceptional retail-ready packaging and displays will return year after years as your products shine on shelves.

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