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Offering an Even Better Ordering Process

LinkGreen now offers a more refined wholesale online ordering process by offers buyers access to wholesale products online.

Here at OrderEase, we have been busy refining our service to better meet the needs of our users. We started by surveying hundreds of OrderEase users and then filtering that feedback through our goal of build Buyer Confidence and Trust. Today we have launched new features enabling our users to navigate and order product more efficiently, and in a way that will build more confidence in both OrderEase and the Supplier, they are ordering from. 

Our development and user experience team focused on meeting each user's specific ordering needs, as all business have different ordering processes. Once those requirements were established development began on updating the way users navigate the catalog and build their orders on OrderEase. 


1. Catalog views

Users can now conveniently toggle between catalog views by selecting one of the three catalog icons as seen at the top right side of the catalog page. This feature allows users to switch between catalogs view as they order based on their viewing preferences.  

2. Product search and sort

OrderEase’s responsive product search has also had an update. Users can now search by product name as well as by SKU. Users can select the barcode icon and scan barcodes with an attached or bluetooth enabled barcode scanner, allowing users to build their orders quickly on the sales floor. A sort option was added to the right of the product box. The sort function will sort all the products by SKU, providing users who order with SKUs a more straightforward way to find products.

3. Category Filters

The new filter features allow users to find a product base on category or product feature status. These new filters can be applied to any catalog view by selecting the icons on the top left side of the catalog page. Users can build their order based on how they prefer to find the products.

4. Adding products

To increase order efficiently, a new add quantity feature has been added, reducing the number of steps required to build an order. When a user selects a product, a quantity box will appear allowing them to add the product and quantities to their order quickly. The green details button can be selected when a user requires more information about the product.

5. Reviewing the order

As users build their order, their order overview can be seen on the right-hand side of the catalog page.The order overview can now be minimized or maximized. This update provides users with the flexibility to view as much or as little information about order content as they build and review their order.

6. Knowing your sales rep

To ensure the online ordering experience remains interactive, right beside the ‘chat now’ link at the bottom right is a portrait, phone number, and email address of your assigned sales rep.  Who ya’ gonna call? Well, now you know… and you don’t have to go digging.  Should you ever need to find your sales rep’s contact information for any of your OrderEase based suppliers, simply open the catalog on your desktop or use the mobile buyer app to have that information at your fingertips.

Now it's your turn to log in to your free OrderEase Connect Buyers account and explore these new features.


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