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3 Garden Centre Retail Business Strategies to Implement in 2018

This next year will be the year of “omni-channel solutions” for retail business, as customers raise their expectation in the retail store and online.


As businesses reflect on their 2017 season, it is essential to review what the retail landscape is going to look like in 2018. There is no question a lot has happened in 2017, with large retail businesses hutting their doors and omni-channel (seamlessly connecting your traditional business with your online business) strategies becoming more critical to all retail business, small and large.

As the new year approaches, retail businesses will need to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape where Amazon is king of online commerce. Brick & mortar businesses have to evolve and go where their customers already are, as 67% of the buyer's journey is now done digitally.

So here are just a few businesses strategies to ponder as you and your business start 2018.

E-Commerce Websites Optimized for Mobile Devices

A website is just as critical to your business as the front door to your store and e-commerce is now expected by your customers. E-Commerce is a standard feature of  big business websites, and more small businesses are using Woo-commerce, Amazon or Shopify to embrace the online market as another way to sell products. Online browsing and shopping are now a part of the way customers make their purchasing decisions. Now more than ever all businesses should be investing in an updated and mobile-optimized e-commerce website. According to Invesp report ecommerce, sales on a mobile device is projected to rise to 27% in 2018. So if your e-commerce website hasn't been optimized for mobile devices, you are not only annoying customers, but you are also missing out on potential sales. So 2018 is the perfect time to review and update your businesses website.

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Embracing New Payment Options

Mobile technology is now an integral part of the everyday consumer's lives. Wallet apps and mobile payment services are becoming a common practice. Customer convenience is important and card tapping was just the tip of the iceberg. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with transactions online, e-transfers and ApplePay are just another part of banking. There are plenty of mobile payment services that small and big business alike have been adopting. From Masterpass to Visa Checkout there are dozens of mobile payment options available to the retailer to choose from. The benefit  of offering this payment option is two-fold; 1) You offer your customers convenience and 2) you as a business gain access to purchasing data. The data collected through mobile payment transactions provides you with valuable information that can be used for re-marketing and forecasting purposes.

Localized Marketing

When you are reviewing your marketing strategies for 2018 embracing quality over quantity is important. Social media marketing offers businesses an inexpensive and very effective way to directly market to their current and potential customers. Facebook and Google AdWords provide effective marketing at any price point. Facebook ads allow you as a business to target your preferred customer personas, from age to geographical areas as they browse their facebook feed. Social media marketing also helps you gain a larger following, allowing  you to promote your business and promotions using your company page at no cost in the future. Setting up a local search ad with Google is also another way to attract local customers. Local search ads will place your business at the top of the list when someone does a local search relevant to your specific business. So as you plan out your marketing budget explore your web and social media marketing options.

This next year will be the year of “omni-channel solutions” for  business, as customers magnify their expectation that  retailers will offer them an excellent experience both in the store and online. Will you be ready? 

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