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Buyers Guide To Online Ordering - Navigating The Online Catalog

This is the second blog in the Buyers Guide to Online Ordering Series, which will cover the ins and outs of online ordering for wholesale buyers. In this article, we will break down the online catalog experience, explaining all the feature available to wholesale customers.


There are some amazing features available at your fingertips with OrderEase's online ordering. Your supplier’s online catalog provides you with the freedom to browse through their most up to date products and order whenever and wherever you like.

Before you start building your first order, let's get you acquainted with online ordering. Here are a few ordering features that every purchaser should explore.

Catalog Views

Your supplier’s online ordering can be presented in multiple formats catalog view, giving you the freedom to order your way.  These views have been designed based on the differing preferences and needs of hundreds of retailers across North America.

There are two standard catalog views available to all wholesale purchasers and one additional catalog view which a supplier may choose to offer. When you’re viewing your supplier’s catalog, you can flip between the catalog view using the appropriate icon located at the top right side of the catalog page.

The Tile Catalog View 

If you’ve ever browsed products online, this view will likely look familiar. It provides a familiar e-commerce layout that is optimized to provide a better browsing experience, allowing you to explore, discover, and order new products. If what a product looks like is important as you build your order, this may be the best format for you.

The List Catalog View

This format likely needs little explanation as it was inspired by current offline ordering but updated to capitalize on the capabilities of our software. It offers you a complete list of all products in a simple form layout. If you already know the products you need, you can enter them quickly, add your quantities, and submit!

Interactive Catalog View  

Remember those print catalogs your sales rep are dropping off each season? You know, the pile that will fall off the edge of your office desk any day now? The interactive catalog view is an optional view that creates an online, clickable version of those print catalogs format and allows purchasers to learn more about the products and easily order them instantly.

Product Search

Looking for something in particular? For your convenience, we’ve added a search box on the top of your supplier’s catalog. We know. That’s nothing revolutionary, but it is worth noting because there’s a side to it that you may not be aware of. Naturally, this search box provides you with the ability to search for products by name, sku, color and size. Here’s where it gets cool: By selecting the barcode icon, you can scan barcodes with an attached or bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner, allowing you to build orders quickly on the sales floor.

Catalog Filters

Customize your purchasing experience based on your inventory needs by viewing only the products you need. The catalog filter feature allows you to cut to chase and filter your suppliers catalog by product category or feature level. This filter feature is located at the top on the left hands side of the catalog. These filters makes reordering product fast and easy.

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Order Overview

As you add products to your order, the order overview (located on the right hand side of your suppliers catalog) will update.Using the arrow beside the overview, this order overview can be minimized to make it easier to view the catalogs, or maximized to give you a more complete view of your order.

Sale Rep Contact info

On the bottom right side of the order overview you can access your assigned sales rep contact information. This provides you with quick access to the information you need if you have any questions during the ordering process.

Now that you have a lay of the land it’s time to explore all of the catalog features available to you. They’ve been designed to make your ordering experience fast and easy.

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