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Buyers Guide to Online Ordering: Understanding the Ordering Process

Posted on June 12, 2018 by Cassandra Smallman

Buyers Guide to Online Ordering_ Understanding the Ordering Process


Now that you have access to your wholesale supplier’s online catalog with your pricing, you can browse the catalog and order at your convenience. This is the first blog in the Buyers Guide to Online Ordering Series, which will cover the ins and outs of online ordering for wholesale buyers.  In this article, we will break down how online ordering process works with OrderEase and how you can adopt it to fit your business needs.

A new ordering process, like any new operational process, can take some time to understand and get used to. OrderEase has been designed with the specific needs of wholesale purchasing in mind so it works within your existing business operations.  

What happens when you submit an online order

1.Order Submission Emails

Once you have completed and submitted your online order, two order confirmation emails are sent. One is sent to your supplier's order desk for review, and another is sent to your inbox. This ensures that your supplier is notified of the order immediately and that both you and your supplier have a record of the order.

2.Order Confirmation/Adjustment Emails

Once your supplier has received and reviewed your order, they will either confirm the order or adjust it if required. Either way, you’ll receive an additional email informing you of the status of the order.

How shipping and payments work

All payments and shipping logistics are done outside of OrderEase so they remain unchanged. In case you have questions about shipping and payment terms, your supplier’s contact information is available on the right-hand side of the catalog page. We recommend that you contact your supplier directly prior to placing an online order.

How to ask product questions

When you have a product specific question when viewing your suppliers online catalog, you can contact your assigned sales rep directly. You are always welcome to contact your suppliers when you have a question, no matter what method of ordering you are using. You are still dealing directly with your supplier.

For more information about the online ordering process click here to watch a video 

How pricing and product specials work

Your supplier's online catalog should always accurately reflect the pricing and product specials available to you. When there is a special available, the products on special will be highlighted the top of the online catalog. If you ever find that the special is missing from the online catalog, please contact your supplier to inform them that is missing.

What order records are kept

When you place or save orders from any supplier, it is automatically saved for your records. All your order records can be accessed in the Orders section on your homepage. Each order record contains the order status, content and other logistical details

This ordering process has been designed to meet the specific needs of wholesale purchasing. The goal of online ordering is to provide your business with a convenient and accurate way to place wholesale orders. Stay tuned and learn about how to navigate your suppliers online catalog and place order quickly in the next blog in the Buyers Guide to Online Ordering series.

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