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How Mobile Barcode Scanning Will Revolutionize The Way Sales Reps Order

Posted on April 23, 2018 by Cassandra Smallman

How Mobile Barcode Scanning Will Revolutionize The Way Sales Reps Order

OrderEase is pleased to announce the release of one of our most exciting feature releases to date. Changing how retailers and sales reps place orders, mobile barcode scanning makes ‘anywhere, anytime’ ordering possible. Adding this new level of functionality allows sales re’s to find, scan, and add products to a customers order in seconds by eliminating unnecessary steps from the equation. Sales reps have a lot to manage when on a sales call or at a tradeshow, so eliminating order forms and pricing sheets allows them to process sales faster and focus on building strong customer relationships.

With access to your updated catalog, current inventory, and customer pricing all on their smartphone or tablet, the OrderEase Sales Rep app already helps your sales team provide exceptional service. Barcode scanning takes that to a whole new level.

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How Barcode Scanning Fits In

When a sales rep is on-site at a customer’s store, they can walk the store and build order at the same time. No more awkward catalog flipping and filling out paper order forms from the sales floor. No matter where your sales call takes place, barcode scanning has a role to play in the future of wholesale ordering.

Check Pricing and Available Inventory - As you walk the sales floor quickly answer your customer's questions about their pricing by scanning the item's barcode with your mobile app. Scanning from your device’s built-in camera or a bluetooth-enabled scan gun, the scanned products will appear in the app, providing you with the customer's price, available inventory, and product information.

Building orders on the sales floor or using a  print catalog -  Scan items right on your customer's shelves, as you scan the product you can add them to the order right away. If you and your customer are sitting reviewing your print catalog, simply scan a barcode in the print catalog and build the order as you go.

Time is a precious resource to everyone, including your customers. By empowering your sales team with barcode scanning through the OrderEase Sales Rep app, your sales team can process orders faster and with greater accuracy. Download OrderEase’s sales rep app and experience the freedom from paper order forms. Experience the future of sales rep order.

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Sales rep at retail customer store placing order using LinkGreen

Empower your Sales Team with Mobile Ordering 

OrderEase's Sales Rep App simplifies the process of placing customer order and capturing leads. Your sales team always has access to the most up-to date product and inventory information no matter where they are. 

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