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Mobile Sales Rep App for Processing Wholesale Customer Orders

Posted on December 06, 2017 by Cassandra Smallman


We are pleased to announce the release of LinkGreen Rep™, a sale rep app. Empower your sales team to place customer orders, manage accounts and capture leads on any mobile device. 

LinkGreen Rep™ was specifically designed to meet the needs of sales reps who are on the road, at trade shows or on-site with a customer. LinkGreen Rep™, a mobile sales rep app was developed with the following features to provide sales reps with the tools they need to place orders efficiently.

LinkGreen logo which  provides buyer acess to wholesale products online with custom pricing and inventory updates.

   The sales rep app empowers sales reps to: 

  • Place order for your customers with their pricing
  • Access your customer's order history
  • Track each customer's order status
  • Send catalog links directly to your customers
  • Capture and convert leads quickly
  • Find thousands of new leads from LinkGreen's database of wholesale buyers

Download the LinkGreen Rep™ app and empower your sales team to place customer orders from anywhere.

Download the OrderEase app from the AppStore     Download the OrderEase App from the Google Play Store 


Why just keep up when you can be out front?

LinkGreen can show you how easy it is to embrace technology to make your order managment process more efficient with online ordering. Schedule a personal tour of LinkGreen Connect.

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