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Here's What's New In Mobile Ordering On OrderEase

Posted on November 20, 2018 by Cassandra Smallman

Whats new on mobile


OrderEase is happy to announce that we’ve updated both the Mobile Ordering App and Sales Rep App to better meet your needs.These updates represent another step we’ve taken to improve the functionality of both apps and improve your ordering experience.

New Features

Hide Prices

OrderEase has added a ‘hide pricing’ option on both mobile apps. This allows retailers and sales reps to show off products to potential customers without showing the prices. The feature was created with the retailer in mind, allowing them to offer customers a greater selection of products for custom orders.With OrderEase in your hands, retailers can now expand the range of products they offer without having to keep any additional stock in hand. 

To hide pricing on the app, simply slide the green toggle on the right-hand side of the catalog page. When the toggle turns grey all wholesale prices disappear, allowing you to show off available products without giving away the price you pay.  

Customer Location On Sales Rep App

Gain access to all the customer information you need through the OrderEase Sales Rep App. Each sales rep can now access their assigned customer's information in detail, this includes their contact information, order history and now a map of the company location, making it even easier to make on location sales calls.

From the customer's list on the OrderEase Rep app, select a customer. The customer details will now display a map allowing you to find your customer's company location with ease.

 Filter In Stock Only Products Using The Sale Rep App

Sales reps can now filter catalogs to hide any out of stock items, allowing them to better serve customers by offering alternatives or substitutions when required. This feature can help reduce the number of back-ordered items while ensuring that the customer isn’t left wondering why items of their order haven’t arrived.


Always Striving For The Best

OrderEase is always working on providing our customers with the best ordering experience possible. Customer feedback is highly valued at OrderEase because it helps us continue to improve.If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can make your ordering experience better, please tell us what you think at helpful@OrderEase.com.



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Mobile Ordering 

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