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Case Studies

Browse our library of case studies from various industries each with different end goals. Don't see what you're looking for? Send us a message with your question and we will be happy to chat.

Scotts Canada Case Study 3D Cover

Scotts Canada

Adding Modern Technology to a 150-Year-Old Company

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Century Drill Case Study 3D Cover

Century Drill & Tool Co.

Providing Easy Product Access For Independent Retailers

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BGC Case Study 3D Cover

Barrie's Garden Centre

Unlocking More Time For Customers

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HJS Case Study 3D Cover

HJS Wholesale

Managing 6,000+ SKUs & Over 50,000 sq ft of Inventory

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Katos Nursery Case Study 3D Cover

Kato's Nursery

Gain Better Visibility And Increase Order Quantity

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Learn how to manage, optimize and streamline  your business when it comes to the ordering process with OrderEase experts.

Technology Integration Phobia Webinar

Technology Integration Phobia

Learn how to make all your business systems work together for wholesale ordering!

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Looking for a quick and easy overview of offerings from OrderEase? Here are direct download links to our brochures, easily share with friends and colleagues!

OrderEase Overview Brochure 3D Cover

OrderEase Overview Brochure

Wholesale Brochure 3D Cover

Wholesale Brochure

Retailer Brochure 3D Cover

Retailer Brochure

Trade Show Brochure 3D Cover

Trade Show Brochure

Sales Rep Brochure 3D Cover

Sales Rep Brochure

Buying Group Brochure 3D Cover

Buying Group Brochure

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