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We Are OrderEase

FEB 2014

Concept development for wholesale order management platform, now OrderEase, but started as LinkGreen.

JUL 2015

MVP for LinkGreen established, ready for market within the lawn and garden industry.

JUL 2017

Mobile app developed and released to provide a solution for sales reps and buyers to access supplier catalogs and place orders remotely.

MAR 2018

Re-iterated the product and acquired a flag ship enterprise customer, leading to more customers in the lawn and garden space.  Supplier and buyer side growth expansion resulted.

NOV 2019

Expanded platform to provide a solution for buying groups to manage members and vendors within a single platform.  First buying group onboarded.

JAN 2020

Rebrand from LinkGreen to OrderEase.  The rebranding was performed to support organic expansion which was occurring in industries beyond the lawn and garden industry.

APR 2020

Covid response for market shift to virtual needs to support industry buying shows.  Developed and launched a trade show platform built on the OrderEase technology.

SEPT 2021

Released a robust API set to support an open API "integrations first" philosophy.

JAN 2022

Established EDI VAN capabilities to provide supply side integrations to EDI trading partners.

AUG 2022

Point of Sale partnerships established with NCR, AlicePOS, and Kerridge Commercial Systems to provide integrated supplier communications into retail POS systems.

JAN 2023

Acquisition of Last Call Analytics to provide detailed analytics to platform users across all industries.

FEB 2023

Listed on the QuickBooks Online marketplace and Sage Marketplace as an integration partner.

MAY 2023

Listed on the Wayfair supplier marketplace as an integration partner.


Meet Our Team

Warren Patterson



Warren developed an expertise in mass procurement management at Price Waterhouse, Warren created OrderEase to bring ecommerce efficiencies to wholesale transactions.

Rob Tigwell



Rob is the lead architect of the OrderEase technology. Rob is the co-founder of Gateway Software Productions and Swift SMS gateway – a text messaging  start-up he founded and sold in 2010.

Diane Knight



Diane is a proven finance leader with over 25 years of experience building best in class finance organizations for both private and public companies. Diane’s areas of expertise include, FP&A, M&A, business modelling and forecasting, running investor relations function, managing costs through process improvements and benchmarking. She is a trusted strategic advisor with business acumen focused on increasing transparency to both management and external shareholders.

Vicky Lawrence

VP Customer Experience


Vicky's diverse background includes project management, sales, training and digital marketing in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, brand manufacturers of industrial equipment, distributors, and SaaS companies.  Each role over the past 25 years has contributed to Vicky's success at building teams, processes, change management and training programs used to scale businesses.

The Origin of OrderEase...A True Story

The OrderEase backstory starts way back. Warren Patterson, CEO, says his introduction to entrepreneurship began in grade 7 when running a chicken business;


"I sold eggs all throughout high school, from there I got a taste of what it means to build something, own it, and understand how best to serve customers.” 


For years, he worked at  PricewaterhouseCoopers in a successful corporate career as a Chartered Accountant.  In 2001, that changed when he made the decision to follow the entrepreneurship dream to build and open a garden center.


“When I opened the garden center the worst case was I would have a pile of debt, and I'd have to go back to work to pay it off. I could do it, and so I went for it. I haven't looked back since.” 


From the experience gained owning and operating his garden center, Warren learned all of the rewards as well as frustrations of being an independent RETAILER. He identified some challenges that came along with the business recognizing they were “the challenges most independent retailers have.” 

The biggest struggle was finding enough time to manage placing and receiving orders from the multitude of suppliers required to stock a successful garden center.

This became a full time job in it’s own.

He decided there needed to be a better way to do business with his suppliers.  As the world has become more digital, so has his vision of wholesale ordering made easier.

This is what formed the vision of LinkGreen, now OrderEase, an online ordering solution for independent retailers and an online ordering solution for their vendors.

The ability of the OrderEase solution to integrate with existing business systems on both the wholesale and retail side of business is what makes it capable of being the complete paperless digital catalog and order management solutions.

Amid the evolution from phone, fax, and email ordering to digital ordering and eCommerce, OrderEase has risen above the rest of the wholesale ordering solutions because it can handle complex business and pricing models and serves as an integration solution.

OrderEase is a technology solution that connects industry supply chains to make wholesale buying and selling fast and easy. OrderEase has created a fully connected and integrated supply chain that provides innovative operational efficiencies, modern sales, and marketing opportunities, and familiar digital ordering experience for suppliers, distributors, and retailers.

This is not typical wholesale purchasing—no catalogs, paper forms, faxes or emails.


“With fragmented industries, players on both sides are too small to create the technology to link the two together, OrderEase provides the common connectivity for an independent retailer.” 


BUT, the vision didn’t stop at placing orders with wholesalers for retailers.  There was still a problem at the retailer level.  With the emergence of eCommerce, it added an extra layer of product management for retailers.

Not only do retailers need to manage receiving and inventory levels at their brick and mortar stores, they also needed to put all of their products into their eCommerce platforms.  This is where it made sense as part of the OrderEase solution to integrate with retail B2C ordering systems such as the point of sale and web stores since all of the wholesaler product information is already digital within OrderEase.

Saving hours of data entry with just a click of a button, product information and inventory can be added to Shopify, WooCommerce and Weebly plus allow direct to consumer fulfillment!

As a result of Warren’s first-hand experience living these issues and frustrations, OrderEase has become a go-to solution for end-to-end wholesale and retail order management.

His vision and ordering problem solving has positioned him as a true industry thought leader in the era of digital transformation in the garden industry as well as emerging industries requiring digital transformation such as lumber, building materials, pets and more.