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Buyers Guide to Online Ordering - Accessing Order History

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Placing your first order online is a big step in the right direction, so congratulations on trying out the future of wholesale ordering. By placing your order online you will always have a record of that purchase through your company’s account. Every order has a detailed record that is saved for your future reference and record keeping. 

You can access your order history under “My Orders”. In your order history section, you will see a complete list of the orders you placed online. When you would like to review an order all you need to do is click the “View Button”.

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Order Record Details

Once you have selected the order you would like to review, you will see five tabs which provide you with information on that particular order.

  1. Overview
  2. Supplier Details
  3. Order Content
  4. Order Notes
  5. Delivery Details

Overview - In the overview tab of your order, you can review a snapshot of the order which includes order name, date, total, and shipping information.  

Supplier Details -  In this tab, you can review and access your wholesale supplier’s contact information.

Order Contents- This tab provides you with a comprehensive look at the content of your order, including the product SKU. image, description, quantities, and price.

Order Notes - This section will show you any notes that were made concerning the order.

Delivery Details - In this section, you will see the address that the order is being shipped to.

Your online order history ensures that no record is ever lost, providing you with the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions. OrderEase’s online ordering service is all about making buying fast and easy, that's why we take care of your order records for you. This is just one of many operational features available to you through your company’s OrderEase account. Learn all about the other features in the upcoming blogs in the Buyer's Guide series.

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