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Modernizing Your Wholesale Print Catalog with Barcode Scanning

Posted on July 13, 2018 by Cassandra Smallman

Modernizing Your Wholesale Print Catalog with Barcode Scanning


Paper catalogs are still considered a staple marketing and sales tool for many wholesale businesses, but there is a transition happening in the b2b procurement process. One print catalog in the mail isn’t enough for all wholesale customers anymore; they want convenient access to up-to-date product information with their assign pricing and the option to order online on their time. So there is a transition happening from paper to online ordering, and that means more options for customers.

So how do you bridge the gap between the old and the new methods of ordering? The simple solution is providing your wholesale customers with choices that work best for them and their business processes and helping facilitate that transition.

Blending Traditional and Modern Ordering

People prefer what they are familiar with While many retailers are embracing the freedom online ordering represents, for others, that transition can be intimidating. Everyone knows that a one size fits all approach to customer service doesn’t work and ignoring the requests of the majority to cater to the needs of the few will keep your business from progressing. So with all that in mind, it is possible to blend the new with the old.

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Barcode Scanning From Your Print Catalog

Inserting UPC barcodes in your existing print catalogs allows you to incorporate your wholesale online ordering with your print catalog. This fast and easy ordering method saves both your customers and your sales team time when placing an order using a print catalog. You customers and sales reps can scan products straight from the page of your print catalog.  For retailers who may not be as eager to explore modern business approaches, the inclusion of barcodes, and even a suggestive catalog insert that explains the benefits, can go a long way to get them curious and start to consider how that could help support their business.

How it Works

Using OrderEase’s mobile ordering app or sale rep app on your smartphone or tablet, you can scan product barcodes with your the built-in camera or with a Bluetooth-enabled scan gun. The mobile app allows your customers and sales reps to scan items and immediately access their product information and pricing. Simply add the quantity and continue with each additional item on the order. Once they have completed and submitted the order, the mobile app sends it to your supplier order desk instantly, and your customer receives an order summary in their email for their records.

Like everything, change takes time, and barcode scanning from a print catalog offers your customers an introduction to online ordering in a familiar and approachable way. OrderEase’s team of marketing and data management professionals can assist your business in implementing barcode scanning into your next print catalog.


Take your catalog to the next level.

Barcode scanning is simple and flexible, transforming your existing print catalogs and sales processes. 

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