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Plant the seeds for growing your business with online ordering.

Wholesale order management and inventory integration for the Greenhouse and Floriculture industry.


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Store floor. Tradeshow. Always be ready with LinkGreen mobile ordering.

Capture leads wherever you are. 
With mobile ordering, you're always ready to capture a sale. 


Sell anywhere.
Complete and submit orders from anywhere you have Internet connection.  


Maximize each sales opportunity.
Keep your product line fresh by showcasing new items and cross-promoting with product linking. 

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Eliminate manual entry errors with a singular, order management process.

Electronic orders automate all your labeling and phytosanitary requirements for your business, eliminating the need for manual entry. 

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Empower your sales reps with mobile ordering.

Your sales reps can easily flip through your catalog. place orders and track customer order history effortlessly, while on-site. 

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Barrie's Garden Centre
Loves using LinkGreen to order products online.
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Integrate with open APIs that do the work, so you don't have to. 

Provide customers with real-time data on your products and current inventory, while automatically receiving orders directly into your ERP system. 

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