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Alice POS Partnership with OrderEase

The #1 POS solution for independent retailers in the pet supply and lawn and garden industry.


Experience OUR Difference

Alice POS

All-in-one cloud based POS solution with single store or multi-location functionality built for growth.

Integrated With


Synchronize supplier catalogs into Alice POS, generate supplier orders directly from Alice POS, and push product data / images directly into your integrated eCommerce store.

Leveling the playing field against big box retailers!


POS Built for Growing Your Retail Sales

Alice POS is a POS system that is affordable and flexible enough to scale with your business both in store and online. Avoid over-featured systems and associated heavy upfront and ongoing costs. Future-proof your business with a cloud-based system and begin to compete against big box retailers.


  User Friendly:

Centralized menus, multi-search options.

  Detailed Customer Files:

Allows you to customize the buyer experience.

  Single-Store / Multi-site:

Conduct inter-store inventory transfers including calculation of delivery charges.

  Special Orders:

Quick lookup to find items directly from your supplier catalog integrated within your POS.

  Promotion Tools:

Run, track, and control duration.

  Tablet Compatibility:

Easily work with your touch screen to operate your POS.

  Rental Services Support:

Availability, capture details, rental dates, condition of the items.

  Price and Inventory Management:

Uniform or add unique items / pricing to single-store.  Suggested minimum inventory quantities.



Alice POS Customers




50+ stores

"I love the excellent service, platform simplicity, and system speed."

Patrick Léveillé, Owner


8,000+ stores

“POS software integration was designed with our needs in mind. We had to have the ability to operate some system’s features ourselves, but also be able to rely on a supplier for all the necessary support.”

Sylvain Henri, Director Retail Sales



50+ stores

"The team’s greatest strengths are their willingness to work with partners to better the solution; an excellent ability to listen and understand intricacies in the day-to-day real life business processes, and ability to move forward in adapting the solution to our needs."

Michael Grilli, Director 


Alice POS integrated with OrderEase delivers HUGE advantages to independent retailers:


POSImage OrderEase wholesale ordering feature desktop

  For Single or Multiple Stores

Alice POS is a powerful solution for single-store owners looking for an all-inclusive POS.  Also built for multi-stores like franchises, corporate buying groups, and corporate networks, this is a POS system that will grow with your business.

 Supplier Digital Catalogs Within your POS

Avoid the cost and resources normally associated with manually updating POS product data. Pull supplier catalog product information with your pricing right into your POS system and pass it through to your connected eCommerce system.  Eliminate data entry.

Look up products and place supplier orders directly from within your POS system.

 E2E Supply Chain Visibility

The POS becomes a key integration point to digitizing fundamental connections of order management workflow across key players in the supply chain to create the modern business model: an end-to-end digitally-enabled supply chain network.

    • Better access to inventory availability
    • Vendor fulfillment eCommerce capabilities
    • Seamless buying experience 



How Independent Retailers Are Able to Compete Against Big Box Stores

Watch as Warren Patterson, CEO of OrderEase, navigates the ecosystem of independent retailers and how digital connectivity with the right technology stack gives them a leading edge in omni channel selling.


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