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[Feature Release] July 2020 OrderEase Release Update

GardenWorks and OrderEase Plant the Seeds of a Strong Partnership

3 Efficiencies B2B Manufacturing Companies Can Use to Weather the COVID-19 Crisis

Why are So Many Industries Still Sending Faxes?

The Benefits of Using a Central Wholesale Ordering Portal

How Old Fax & Phone Ordering Systems Cost You Money and Cause Friction

How Buying Groups are Losing a Fortune to Paper and Faxes

The Ultimate Wholesale Marketing Toolkit

Why Wholesalers Should Invest in Direct to Consumer Marketing

Buying vs. Building a B2B E-commerce Solution

4 Reasons To Invest in B2B E-commerce

Quick Guide For Suppliers - Email Marketing Builder

A Retailers Guide To The Endless Aisle Model

Is Data a Buying Groups Greatest Opportunity?

Quick Guide - How To Write Compelling B2B Sales Emails

5 Tips for Starting A Blog for Your Wholesale Business

B2B Email Marketing Best Practices

Understanding OrderEase's Product Information Management Platform

Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Living up to B2B Customer Expectations in 2019

Making the Greenhouse Supply Chain More Profitable for Everyone

4 Ways To Improve Your Wholesale Marketing Emails

A Complete Guide to the LinkGreen Supplier Dashboard

Here's What's New In Mobile Ordering On LinkGreen

How does the cost of production affect the cost of a plant?

The Joys of Multiple Online Catalogs

The most important question that you don’t want to ask

How does a Consumer Value a Plant

Increasing ROI at Your Next Trade Show

8 Reasons Why It's Time To Retire Paper Order Forms

Reducing The High Costs of Order Errors

Understanding LinkGreen’s Supplier Standards in Customer Service

Three Ways Sales Reps Define Your Company's Brand

Why Product Images Matter to Your Customers (and Your Business)

Four Questions Your Business Website Should Answer

Supplier's Guide to Product Images: Taking Great Nursery Stock Photos

Modernizing Your Wholesale Print Catalog with Barcode Scanning

Buyers Guide to Online Ordering - Accessing Order History

Determining the Price of a Plant

Buyers Guide To Online Ordering - Navigating The Online Catalog

The Technology Behind Local Food Production

Buyers Guide to Online Ordering: Understanding the Ordering Process

4 Ways to Improve Wholesale Order Fulfillment

The Arrival of the Amazon Plant Store

Four Ways to Improve Your Wholesale Website

Overcoming Supply and Demand Pressures in the Horticulture Industry

EDI Decoded: Breaking Down the Big Business Barrier

Understanding The Modern B2B Buyer Procurement Process

Why Your Business Needs To Commit To Online Ordering

Calculating the True Cost of Receiving a Wholesale Order

The Wholesalers Guide to the Ultimate Online Catalog to Increase Sales

The Garden Center’s Guide to Mobile Payment Processing

How Mobile Barcode Scanning Will Revolutionize The Way Sales Reps Order

Mobile Barcode Scanning Now Allowing Retailers to Order Straight from the Sales Floor

How Retail-Ready Packaging Helps Lawn & Garden Products Shine

How Online Ordering Keeps Your Customers Up To Date

Building Customer Trust as a Lumber and Building Materials Retailer

Three Greenhouse Technologies that Increase Production

Responding to Labor Shortages in the Horticultural Industry

2018 Home Decor Trends (And How Wholesalers Can Capitalize on Them)

How Inventory Integration Will Simplify Your Order Management Process

4 Apps Every Landscaper Should Have

Great Sales Practices Your Sales Reps Don't Have Time To Do

What the Cannabis Industry can Learn From Floriculture

The Evolution of Technology in Horticulture

3 Criteria Nurseries Should Look for in an Inventory Control System

Modernizing Lawn & Garden Hardgoods Distribution

Keeping Your Shelves Fresh- 3 Ways Independent Retailers Can Source Better Products

Improving Lumber and Building Materials Distribution Margins

Wholesale Online Ordering 101 - An Introduction for LinkGreen Retailers

Cultivating a Better Greenhouse and Nursery Production Process

Top 3 Supply Chain Technologies for Better Floral Distribution

3 Ways to Prepare your Nursery for The Next Generation

How Nurseries and Greenhouses can Improve Inventory Visibility

How Minimum Wage + Greenhouse Industry Can Still = Profit

Can Technology Keep Floral Distributors Thriving?

Is Your Retail Buying Group Responding to New Industry Demands?

How Complacency Towards Technology Killed Sears Canada

3 Garden Centre Retail Business Strategies to Implement in 2018

Offering an Even Better Ordering Process

Mobile Sales Rep App for Processing Wholesale Customer Orders

3 Strategies to Achieve a Better Partnership with your Wholesale Suppliers

Wholesale Ordering App for Mobile Purchasing

One Solution to Simplify your Ordering Process

4 Ways Retailers Can Get the Most Out of the Off-Season

4 Tips to Optimize your Annual Inventory Management Count

6 Ways Independent Garden Centers can Compete with Big Business

5 Key Benefits of ERP Integration

5 Main Steps to Prepare for ERP Integration

What is ERP Integration?

LinkGreen Connect - Embedded Login & Website Integration

LinkGreen Connect - Online Ordering for Wholesale Buyers

LinkGreen Connect - New Category Catalog View

LinkGreen Connect - Your Online Ordering Solution

Going Mobile for Greenskeepers – Keeping You Out on the Course

Woo! You Got a New Connection – Now What?…

Quick Guide - Searching/Inviting New Customers

The Inbox Abyss - Optimizing Your E-mail Communications

LinkGreen Connect QuickGuides - Updating your product availability

Quick Guide - Updating Availability - ERP Automation and API Integration

Quick Guide - Updating Availability - Importing Your Inventory

Quick Guide - Updating Inventory Availability - Manual Entry

Inventory Management – The Taming of the SKU

Implementing change in your landscape company

Garden centres driving up income with restaurants and leisure

Bradner’s Growing Concern

Eagle Lake Nurseries

Arrow Home & Garden

Winkelmolen Nursery

Kato’s Nursery


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