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Not all customers will choose to adopt digital ordering, which is why OrderEase adapts to the way YOUR customers order.

Let's find out if PDF's from your customers can be processed into digital orders, saving your order desk hours of time of manual order entry!


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Hours of data entry time savings is just a few clicks away!

OrderEase does the heavy lifting and data configuration, your team reaps the rewards. PLUS, getting set up is quick, easy, and less expensive than you think...low effort, high ROI!


How it Works


1. Assess PDF

For each variation of PDF format you receive from your customers, an assessment will be performed by an OrderEase data specialist.  This assessment is to determine if the PDF can be mapped to extract the data. 

2. PDF Mapping

PDF's which meet the criteria can be mapped by an OrderEase data specialist for data extraction. 

3. Account Configuration

  • Creation of OrderEase account (if an account doesn't already exist).
  • Add customer company data to your OrderEase account.
  • Add product data to your OrderEase account.  This is optional, but creates better order validation.
  • Technical set up for receiving PDF's from customers.

4. Testing and Order Validation

Testing will be performed using sample orders you provide.  The output can either be a csv export or directly into your ERP via integration if you are integrated.

4. Launch!

Once you verify the test orders are generating the correct data output, you are ready to release this new functionality to your customers.

Are you ready to get your orders assessed?

You are now ready to implement the 3 EASY STEPS to receive customer PDF orders digitally.

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Forward the Order Email

Have your order desk choose which orders get digitized and which ones to continue to manually enter OR, completely automate order forwarding to OrderEase.  The choice is yours!

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OrderEase Processes the PDF Order

Once your PDF order has been forwarded to your configured email address, OrderEase will automatically capture and process the PDF order.  If errors are detected during processing, don't worry, your order desk will get notified immediately.

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Orders are Available Digitally from OrderEase

After processing, your order will be ready to access from within OrderEase.  You can export an excel file OR through an integration, your order can get pushed straight into your ERP.  We're that flexible!


Do I need to have all products and pricing listed in OrderEase for this to work?


The absolute minimum we need to set up is your customer company information.  This is needed so you are able to associate the order when you import to your ERP.


If you don't have products in our system for the order to cross reference, based on your settings, we will be generate products based on the data within the order.  If you do have products, this provides an extra layer of validation so order errors can be detected before they get to your order desk for import.

Do I need to have my ERP system integrated with OrderEase?

An integration is not necessary for this to work for you and save hours of data entry time.  To get started, we can set up a manual system to export orders.

There are many options to semi-automate or automate this process for you, we can discuss all of these when we review your PDF assessment.

I have a lot of customers who submit via PDF, can you handle this?

Yes, as long as we are able to map the PDF orders, we will be able to handle orders from as many customers as you need.

What will my customers need to do to get these orders to you?

We have a couple of ways of handling how PDF orders can be sent to us for digital conversion.

1.  We can make this process invisible to your customer by having your team set up email forwarding rules to send us the orders via email.

2.  You can provide your customer with an email address to include as a "send to" address when they send orders to your team.

The options are really up to you on the visibility and process.

PDF Order Processing Is Just ONE Part Of The OrderEase Ecosystem.


With OrderEase performing as a data hub, there are connection capabilities throughout the B2B eCommerce ecosystem. Moving data between buyers and sellers throughout the supply chain vs just one area of the order management chain is what makes OrderEase unique. A single integration into your ERP system opens up a way of receiving orders ANY way your customers prefer to place them!

OrderEase Ecosystem - FINAL

PDF Order Assessment Request

Fill in the form below to submit PDF orders for our team to assess whether they can be converted to digital orders for easy import into your ERP system.