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Operations and Marketing Management for Buying Groups


Digital Visibility to Real Time Member and Vendor Ordering Transactions

Products and transactions between members and vendors become connected within the OrderEase centralized hub allowing ordering data to flow through your portal, giving your buying group the window into data you need to negotiate vendor pricing, manage credit, rebates and more.

How Is YOUR Buying Group Going to Stay Relevant?

You can't deny digital transformation. It's here to stay.

You know highly capitalized distribution centers are diminishing. It only makes sense, double handling of goods is costly and inefficient.

You also know to remain competitive and maintain loyal membership, you need to be more cost efficient in your management.

Your future is working with members to increase direct orders and become less reliant on your distribution center.  BUT, the only way to do that is to have transactional visibility to keep direct buying in check.

There is NO WAY an independent member should be able to negotiate better terms with a vendor than your buying group can offer. Becoming a digital buying group allows you the visibility and control to keep this from happening but still allowing your members their independence.

Become the modernized supply chain your members and vendors want and need.

Real Time Volume Rebate and Credit Control Data



Buy Better. Sell more.

System Agnostic

It doesn't matter what POS, ERP or Accounting system is being used, OrderEase connects and aggregates the supply chain data into one system.

Accessible Data

The ability to view data from vendors and members will empower smart business decisions. Your buying group and members will all benefit.

Increase Revenue

Better insights to data provides more power to negotiate pricing. Resulting in cost savings and an increase in revenue, along with satisfied members.

See How It Works

De Vroomen Logo

After our sister company Devroomen Bulb Canada had been involved with OrderEase for several years, we decided to partner with them in early 2019 to provide our customers with an online ordering platform. Even though we had our own established webstore, we felt that the experience and expertise of OrderEase could very well help us achieve the growth which we desire. As a wholesaler of flower bulb products to garden centers, landscapers, and growers, we are constantly in search of new leads and better ways to do business with our existing customers. Both our Account Manager Kyle Minarsky and CEO Warren Patterson have been wonderful to work with and we are grateful to them for their help in getting us set up and headed in the right direction.

Roland Van Den Bergh

COO, Devroomen Flower Bulbs & Perennials

Create An Enterprise Ordering Experience For Independent Members and Vendors

Buying Group

Connectivity to all forms of ordering turns a disjointed process into a unified order management system.

Real time insights by member and by vendor for order volume and details.

Credit management visibility.

Sales volume insights for price negotiations.

Oversight on purchasing trends.

Accurate member rebate management.

Ability to forecast inventory needs for members.

Easy scalability - auto connect new retailers to vendors and visa versa.

Buying Group Digital Connectivity to Members and Vendors
Digital Supply Chain for Suppliers with Buying Groups


Reduce manual order entry and associated labor costs.

B2B eCommerce enabled.

Supply chain systems become synchronized with retailers.

Provide digital catalog and specific pricing level access to any retailer within and outside buying groups.


Place orders faster.

See vendor inventory.

Order history and favorites.

Quick re-order.

Catalog information can be pushed into POS and eCommerce platforms.

See how much more to spend to receive rebates

Member Buying Group Ordering App for Suppliers

The Buying Group ROI Formula

Reduce Inventory at Distribution Centers

Reduce Manual Member and Retailer Management

Become More Competitive and Cost Efficient

We Don't Replace Your Systems,

We Embrace Your Systems.